Price list

Sail cruise ending before 4pm, for example:

Astrid Svanhild Ingrid
Three (3) hours 2000€ 2000€
Four (4) hours 2200€ 2200€ 1500€
Six (6) hours 2550€ 2550€
Extra hours 300€/h 300€/h 250€/h

Sail cruise ending after 4pm, for example:

Three (3) hours 2600€ 2600€
Four (4) hours 2850€ 2850€ 1500€
Six (6) hours 3350€ 3350€
Extra hours 300€/h 300€/h 250€/h

VAT 10% will be added to the prices.

The prices include the ship and crew. The prices do not include food and refreshments.
Early spring, high summer and late autumn sail cruises available with discount prices.
For sail cruises exceeding 24 hours, please contact us for a separate quote.
Unless otherwise agreed, cruises depart from and return to Halkolaituri in Pohjoisranta, Helsinki. Transfer of the ships from the home port to other departure or return locations will cost 250€ per hour.

Rights to changes reserved.

Terms of cruise
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